Thursday, March 3, 2011

Some Screenshots of JaegerBomber

This is a screenshot of one of our bombs (they explode). :)

This is a shot of the blast from a bomb from the player's perspective.

Here's the blast from above.

Here's a shot with the minimap active.

Another shot with the minimap active. The player also has the maximum number of bombs (5).

Game Description

JaegerBomber is a game where the player and AI-driven opponents use bombs to destroy each other and destroy crates. Destroying crates has a chance to drop a Power-Up that changes the restrictions on the player. There are three power-ups: increase the max number of bombs you are able to drop, increase the radius of your bomb's blast, and turn on the minimap for 10 seconds.

Our Awesome Team

Our team originally consisted of three team members:
Timothy Kolek
Stephen Heitman
Eric Baicker-McKee

Last week, Ingrid Cheung joined our team.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011